Current status: Currently closed due to persistently high temperatures (2/25)
The rink still has plenty of bumps, lumps, and divots that we’re working on. Please skate carefully and use caution – read this whole page before getting on the ice.

Our town Ice Rink is located at the Fairfax Community Park, which you can learn more about here or by viewing it on Google Maps.

Safety Information

Please know that by using the rink, you are accepting that activities like ice skating come with inherent risk and you agree to take any necessary precautions to prevent injury to yourself and others.

Due to Covid-19, we are currently asking that when open, the number of people using it at a time is limited to 7.
With this in mind, please limit your time using the rink if others are waiting to skate and be courteous to those who are waiting, or if you are waiting for others to finish up.

You MUST wear a facial covering (ideally a mask) while skating.

Parking Information

We intend to open the gates to the turn around area in the park to allow users of the Ice Rink to easily access it – when the gates aren’t open, we ask that you park in the normal parking lot on Hunt Street.

Since we cannot provide warming areas this winter due to Covid-19, you can use your vehicles to thaw yourself out whenever necessary.

Skate Borrowing

We are working to provide a skate borrowing program, and will update this website and our social media pages as soon as it’s available!