We’re raising money to have an Ice Rink in Fairfax this winter – and every winter in the future.

Raised as of 3:35PM on 10/20/2020
This year more than ever, outdoor activities are vital to connecting families and friends.
We believe that more outdoor recreational opportunities during the winter will benefit everyone in our community and we need your help to make this a reality!


We are raising $6,000 for this project

The money raised this year will allow us to purchase a 52′ x 104′ modular outdoor Ice Rink system from NiceRink designed for public outdoor skating – we believe this system is the best fit for our town’s needs as it will allow us to expand the size (up to a full NHL specified size) as demand grows and is proven to be incredibly durable.

Raffle Prizes and Drawing Info

Based on tickets you purchase, you get a number of entries into our raffle (check each ticket option for the number of entries associated).
Grand Prize: $500 cash prize
Second Place: $300 cash prize
Third Place: $200 cash prize
The winners will be selected via random number generator on November 10th at 5PM during a Facebook Live stream and contacted shortly afterwards.

Where will the Ice Rink be?

The Ice Rink will be at the Recreation Park on Hunt Street.

Is my ticket purchase tax deductible?

The IRS does not treat raffle ticket purchases as tax deductible, however, there is a Donation option in the tickets menu that will allow you to donate money to this project without receiving raffle entries – donations made through that option are tax deductible.