For dogs ages 5 months and younger. Register by clicking the session you would like to sign up for below:

Session One: May 25 – June 29

Session Two: July 27th – August 31st

Have an older dog? Reach out to Deb by emailing for approval before registering

Deb Helfrich has been teaching dog training classes for over a decade and loves working with dogs and their handlers. She works to solve challenges, build a healthy dog-handler relationship, and achieve training goals.

This class is for dogs and their handlers to obtain a firm grasp on practical basics, and will take place at the Fairfax Community Center (1210 Main Street, Fairfax, Vermont) on Wednesday evening.

Class benefits include:

  • Learning how to gently socialize your dog using an understanding of dog behavior and positive exposure to prepare them for different environments and experiences.
  • Getting your dog comfortable with body handling and various interactions through gentle, gradual experiences
  • Teaching your dog to settle down and have self control
  • Learning basic relationship-based obedience training and manners and understanding how to be a fair and effective leader for your dog.
  • Excellent preparatory class for future dog obedience courses (as well as therapy dog work).
  • Learning behaviors that you can build on in later training.

Learning handling skills: timing, consistency, reading your dog, understanding the training techniques and how to apply them, knowing how to work with your unique pup’s skills and temperament!

Check out the website here!

Cost: $140 for one human and one dog; $65 for human to attend solo