The Reverse Parade

1PM – 2PM, from Nan’s Mobile to Minor’s Country Store

The reverse parade is a fantastic opportunity for our community to come together, and show everyone how awesome Fairfax is!

As having folks line the sidewalks to watch a traditional parade this year could be an issue for our community’s health and safety, we’ve decided to flip things around a bit.

What it is: Rather than gathering on the side of the road to watch the parade, we invite you to drive your car from Nan’s Mobile to Minor’s Country Store (or in the opposite direction) to view “floats” and displays that residents, businesses, and organizations have organized along the route.

We ask you to please maintain a slower speed than usual, and attempt to avoid any sudden stops.

What time: The reverse parade will be happening from 1PM to 2PM on July 4th.

Will any roads be closed?: No, we will not be closing any roads, but ask you to please use as much caution as possible to keep the event safe and speeds slow.

If you are a community member who has property on Main Street along the reverse parade route, and you haven’t officially signed up, we invite you to show your colors and put something interesting on your property… a flag, an old car, anything helps make a great showing of how incredible Fairfax is.

The Party out of the Park

8PM – 10PM throughout the village and beyond!

The Party out of the Park is a re-imagining of our normal July 4th celebration to place health and safety front and center.

What is it: a live streamed music event featuring Carol Ann Jones and Troy Millette & The Fire Below, preceding our annual Fourth of July fireworks display!

How can I watch it?: The live streamed portion of our event will be available on the main page of this website, as well as our Facebook page – while the live stream will include the fireworks display, it’s understandable that a lot of folks will want to watch the fireworks in person!

The fireworks will be launching from the Fairfax Community Park, although the park will be closed to the public for the entire day. Please do not attempt to enter this location unless you are a member of our crew.

The fireworks will be visible from many locations in the village – we ask you to please not trespass on private land to watch the event. There is a panoramic image embedded below – if you can see where you are planning to watch the fireworks from, you will have a great view!

We have two official parking locations for the event BFA Fairfax and J&L Fields (between Erica’s and J&L Hardware, please enter from the side of Erica’s). These parking areas will not open until 8PM so please do not arrive until after that time.

Our volunteers will guide you to where to park and we ask that you remain in your vehicles for the duration of the event – and to maintain physical distancing in regards to other attendees.

We do expect these areas to fill up fast – so we ask that if you live in the village, and are able to see the fireworks from your home or an alternate location, that you help us keep these official parking locations as open as possible.

We also would like to prioritize parking for Fairfax residents who do not have a view of the fireworks from home – if you are from another town, please try to find a friend who lives in Fairfax to view the fireworks with before resorting to parking in one of the official locations.

What time will the fireworks start going off?: the fireworks will start going off around 9:40PM

Here is the panoramic image mentioned above – you can zoom in for more detail after clicking on it! If you can see where you plan to view the fireworks from in this image, you will have a great view on July 4th!

Embedded map not working or you want a slightly higher resolution? Click here!

Fairfax looking beautiful from 400 feet up!

Posted by Fairfax Parks and Recreation on Thursday, May 28, 2020