Fairfax Community Center

Constructed in 1848, the Baptist Building is one of Fairfax’s most prominent historical structures.

In 2016, the Baptist Trustees of the United Church of Fairfax generously donated the building to the Town at no cost. 

The Fairfax Parks & Recreation Department, supported by the non-profit group Friends of the Fairfax Community Center, Inc. (FFCC) is overseeing the transformation of the church building into a multi-generational community center.

Our goal is to restore and slightly renovate the building into a space suitable to host a wide variety of activities appealing to all residents of Fairfax. 

The Community Center will become the Town’s hub for educational, creative, and recreational programming.


What needs to be done?

The building is currently safe and usable for certain community functions. To increase public access to the building however, significant work must be completed.

Of the many upgrades included in this rehabilitation project, the priority is to focus on what will allow for earlier increased utilization of the building.  Some of the projects identified in the earlier stages include:

  • Continuing to work with Structural Engineer and Architect
  • Begin stained glass window preservation work
  • Finalize Floor Plan and Site Plan
  • Renovate Bathrooms
  • Continue Weatherization work

Fairfax Community CenterThe Parks & Recreation Department has been working closely with the Friends of the Fairfax Community Center for just under a decade. The two organizations have a mutually beneficial relationship; the FFCC brings the fundraising advantages that come with a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, and the Parks & Rec. Dept. provides the established infrastructure and resources of a municipality.


Want to get involved?

We have the will, we have the building, and we have the plan. All we need is you! There are countless ways to contribute, whether it’s talent, time, or money; if you’re interested there’s a place for you! Please reach out.

Brian LaClair
Director, Parks & Rec. Dept.
(802) 849-6111 ext. 20