Green Up Day in Fairfax!

This Saturday (May 6th) marks Vermont’s 47th annual Green Up Day!

With over 22,000 participants across this state, this Vermont tradition plays a key role in keeping our roadsides clean.  Established in 1970 by Governor Davis, this event is now coordinated by volunteers in every Vermont town.  This year, volunteers are expected to remove over 5000 tires and between 200 and 300 tons of litter!  Green Up Day is a true expression of what life in Vermont is all about.

When you are out picking up litter, there are some easy ways you can stay safe this Green Up Day.  Keep in mind these simple steps in order to avoid some common headaches.

  • It’s tick season! Wear long sleeves and pants if you’ll be picking up litter in the brush.  It’s always a good idea to check yourself, your kids, and your pets after spending time outside.
  • Remember your gloves! Do not touch dangerous stuff! If something looks questionable, it’s safest not to take the risk.  Avoid any; bottles with separated liquids or strong odors, chemical cleaning agents, and any medical supplies.
  • Make yourself visible! Wear bright color clothing so you’ll be easy to spot by motorists and other volunteers.
  • Don’t leave bags in the road!  The Fairfax Highway Department has volunteered to help pick up the bags on Monday, May 8th.  After you’ve filled a bag, leave it on the shoulder of the road, out of the lane of travel.  You can leave tires and other large items next to bags, so don’t worry about trying to stuff them too full!

If you keep these simple tips in mind, you should have a great time helping make our community a better place!

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