March 2020 Fitness Passes are no longer available

We’re incredibly excited to announce the availability of a membership pass that allows you to access the majority of the classes we’re offering in March for the low cost of $45!

If you were to attend all of the classes available with the membership pass, that’s a savings of $187!

Purchase a March Membership Pass for $45

Below you can find our March 2020 fitness schedule – all classes other than Yoga with Kat are included with the Monthly Membership pass!
(click for larger image)

Our initial membership pass offering is limited to the month of March, 2020 as a trial-run for this new program. Depending on the reception of it, we will discuss continuing this program for future time periods! As usual, you are also able to attend any class for it’s drop-in fee ($8 per class, with the exception of Yoga with Kat for the cost of $12 per class) in lieu of having a membership pass.

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